President Vows More Welfare for Iranian People in New Year

President Vows More Welfare for Iranian People in New Year

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in his New Year message, pledged that his administration is resolved to provide the people with more welfare and public services.

In his televised message to the Iranian nation on the occasion of the Persian New Year early on Thursday, President Rouhani enumerated the achievements and problems that people faced last year and described the New Year as the year of new decisions, national integrity and more efforts.

“Next year, we will provide the people with more welfare and public services, and I hope people can access many of the services, including health and medical services, through their smartphones,” he noted.

“Undoubtedly, we will overcome all issues and achieve victory through more efforts,” he said, adding, “The root cause of our (economic) turmoil and problems is enemies, entering our country from outside the borders.”

“Today, we are in a battlefield, in which all people should participate in,” the President stated, adding that the absence of even one person can incur losses.

He also described New Year as the year of controlling inflation, making foreign exchange rates balanced, and more friendship with all neighbors and said, “The government will announce its new programs in the first days of the New Year.”

“Nowruz means greenness, freshness and leaving the hard days of winter behind, and entering the atmosphere of spring and moderation,” Rouhani said.

“Last year was the year of victory against terrorism, the year of victory of the Iranian nation at international organizations and the international court, the year of resistance of the people of Iran and glorious points in history such as February 11,” he went on to say.

Being aware of where the enemy exists is very important in the battlefield, he said, adding, “When the enemy is before us, if we attack right or left, we have indeed inflicted losses on our own forces.”

“We all should feel responsible; the administration, other branches of government, the Armed Forces, universities, academicians, farmers, workers, producers, and people from all walks of life should feel responsible in these conditions.”

“Someone might ask until when these problems and sanctions will be there? I would like to tell Iran’s great nation that problems have started by the enemies and those who have recently come to power in Washington, but the end is at our hands.”

“The enemy thought that the entire world and its allies would stand by it in these sanctions, but we saw that all countries, except for a few countries, stood by the Iranian nation,” Rouhani noted.

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