IRGC Navy Chief: Iran’s Crushing Response Awaits Aggressors

IRGC Navy Chief: Iran’s Crushing Response Awaits Aggressors

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy warned that any aggressor would receive a crushing response for violating Iran’s territorial integrity.

In comments on Thursday, Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri hoped that the enemies of Iran would learn lessons from the recent shooting down of a US intruding drone by the IRGC Aerospace Force.

He also emphasized that the Iranian military forces show no hesitation when it comes to safeguarding the country’s land, sea and air borders.

“We would respond decisively to any threat and act of aggression,” the commander underlined.

Admiral Tangsiri also stressed that the IRGC forces’ “crushing, precise and courageous” response to the violation of Iran’s airspace by the US spy drone indicates Iran’s full control over the hostile moves across the region.

In a statement after bringing down the US drone on June 20, the IRGC said the pilotless plane had switched off all of its communication systems after take-off and flew towards the port city of Chabahar via the Strait of Hormuz in maximum stealth.

The costly military plane was shot down by the IRGC when it violated the Iranian airspace near the Strait of Hormuz and began to spy on Iran and collect information during return to the Emirati airbase.

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