Al-Quds Brigades in Full-Blown War with Israel: Spokesman

Al-Quds Brigades in Full-Blown War with Israel: Spokesman

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement said the al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the movement, are still fighting a full-fledged war against the Israeli occupiers.

In an interview with Tasnim, Musab al-Breim said the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and its al-Quds Brigades have become the spearhead of resistance against the Israeli crimes and are still fighting a full-blown war with the occupiers.

“This battle will end only after the liberation of our land and sanctities,” he added.

Breim also said that the Israeli enemy is having constant nightmares in the political, military and security areas. “This nightmare is called the Palestinian resistance. We will remain as a terrible nightmare until this (Israeli) occupation ends in the Palestinian land by God’s grace.”

The spokesman also described a response to the Israeli acts of aggression and occupation as a “legitimate” right of the resistance groups.

“We emphasize that any measure in line with resistance in any place, at any time, under any conditions and with any political inclination is a legitimate act, and the Palestinian nation and resistance groups could not abandon it, because occupation is still in place and their (Israelis’) terrorism against the Palestinian nation continues,” he added.

On the recent Israeli bombardment of Damascus that killed two members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, Breim underlined that the Palestinian nation and resistance will not have any tolerance for such an act of aggression.

Six people were killed in the Israeli air strike on Damascus on Sunday night, as the Zionist regime confirmed raids on the Syrian capital as well as on the besieged Gaza Strip.

A statement from the Islamic Jihad on Monday said two of its members were killed during the "Zionist bombing in Damascus".

"This cowardly aggression in Damascus was a reflection of the enemy's failure to confront our fighters inside occupied Palestine," the Palestinian movement said.

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