IRGC Targeting Terrorists in War Game West of Iran

IRGC Targeting Terrorists in War Game West of Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Ground Force has launched the final stage of a war game in western Iran, one of whose main purposes is to target terrorists taking shelter in northern parts of Iraq near the border, the commander of the force said.

 Speaking to reporters in Iran’s western city of Marivan on Tuesday, Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour said his troops have staged the final stage of the war game, codenamed “Muslim Kurdish Martyrs”, in the province of Kurdistan.

The war game covers a vast area along the common border with Iraq, mostly the Arab country’s northeastern border region, he added.

The commander said terrorists may use the northern regions of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, adding that one of the main purposes of the war game is to cleanse those areas of terrorists.

The strongholds of terrorists around the war game zone are being attacked, the general said, saying such military operations with the purpose of cleansing the region of terrorists have been launched in previous years as well.

“We would strike any location where terrorists are present, organized and stationed.

“We will vigorously continue to cleanse the region of terrorists,” he said, stressing that the IRGC responds decisively to any move from the terrorists.

Brigadier General Pakpour further called on the KRG officials and the Baghdad government’s authorities to have more control over their border and take action to prevent the terrorist activities in the border areas.

The commander also advised the citizens and nomadic people in northern Iraq to stay away from the terrorist groups, because every terrorist base and location is a potential target for the IRGC attacks.

According to the commander, several IRGC units, including drone units, Ground Force’s airborne division, mechanized units, and Saberin Special Forces brigade, are taking part in the war game.

The IRGC Ground Force has warned the Kurdistan Regional Government to prevent the terrorist groups from using the areas near the common border with Iran and to stop them from setting up camps for training, organizing and deploying terrorist teams into Iran.

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