Thousands March in Germany to Demand Moria Camp Evacuation (+Video)

Thousands March in Germany to Demand Moria Camp Evacuation (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Thousands demonstrated across Germany on Wednesday to demand European borders be opened, and to express solidarity with refugees in Moria Camp in Greece, following a devastating fire earlier in the day.

Large parts of Moria camp were destroyed after a fire burned it to the ground. Some locals reportedly attacked migrants and prevented them from passing through a village situated close by while they were evacuating from the flames.

The camp was placed under quarantine last week after the first COVID-19 case appeared at the overcrowded camp. A 40-year-old Somalian man tested positive after having returned to the island after not being able to settle on the Greek mainland and was put in isolation to curb the outbreak.

The cause of the blaze was not yet clear, local officials told media.

There were no reports of casualties among the overcrowded camp’s more than 12,000 residents.

Similar demonstrations were organized by the SEEBRUCKE, “an international movement from the civilian population. We demand safe escape routes and a decriminalization of sea rescue and escape,” according to a tweet from the organization.


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