Iran’s President Orders Formation of Committee to Boost Trade with Neighbors

Iran’s President Orders Formation of Committee to Boost Trade with Neighbors

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani ordered the formation of a committee comprising multiple organizations tasked with facilitating and promoting trade with neighboring states.

Addressing a Sunday session of the Administration’s Economic Coordination Headquarters, Rouhani was briefed on the latest status of trade exchanges and commercial interaction with neighbors.

Highlighting the “strategic significance” of relations with the neighbors, the president ordered the immediate establishment of a task force and committee comprising the organizations involved in trade interaction with the neighbors.

The president urged that the committee should work in a united and integrated manner to resolve the problems in trade with the neighbors and raise the level of trade exchanges.

The Iranian organizations in charge are duty bound to remove the obstacles to economic and trade cooperation with the neighboring states as a priority, he added.

In remarks in September, Rouhani described the promotion of economic cooperation with neighbors as a main priority in Tehran’s foreign policy agenda.

One of Iran’s main priorities is to strengthen strategic relations with neighboring states, particularly in the economic and trade arena, the president noted, adding that historical and cultural bonds among regional nations allow for enhanced cooperation that would consequently serve the common interests of regional governments and nations.

Foreign relations cover a much broader prospect than foreign policy, Rouhani stated, saying all Iranian ministries should take the opportunities to establish and broaden foreign relations.

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