US Unfit for Negotiations over Hegemonic Nature: Iran official

US Unfit for Negotiations over Hegemonic Nature: Iran official

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - A senior Iranian judiciary official lambasted America’s “hegemonic” and “colonial” nature in dealing with other nations, stating that the United States’ conduct on the global stage has rendered the regime unfit for any dialog.

Speaking at an international conference on “The Decline of the United States; the past trend and future events” held in the capital Tehran on Tuesday, Ali Baqeri, the International Affairs deputy of Iran’s Judiciary and The Head of the Iranian Judiciary’s High Council for Human Rights said America’s waning leadership is not a fresh topic, and has different aspects and reasons.

Baqeri told the conference, held at the venue of the former US embassy in Tehran, that the first and foremost cause of America’s recent meltdown was Iraq’s quagmire.

What happened in Iraq was the consequence of a reality on the ground and that was the continuation of the Islamic Revolution doctrine in Iraq, he said.

“What led to Americans’ failure in Iraq and forced them to modify their policy during the Obama era, was in fact the soft power brought about by the ideology of the Islamic Revolution.

The official further noted that “the more soft power Americans obtain in their bid to attain a leadership position in the world, the closer they get to their goal. However, when you view America’s soft power elements, you will find that these factors, which are taken from the school of Liberalism, are being challenged even within the United States.”

“Currently, liberty, democracy, human rights and balanced development, that is to say, the same factors that Americans wanted to promote to spread their power over the world, have been flawed from within.”

Baqeri added that Trump’s election slogan of ‘America First’ indicates that Americans are primarily concerned with their own domestic issues and seek to resolve internal problems, which reveal America’s retreat from former hegemonic position and their struggle to deal with local challenges.

The former deputy to secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council highlighted Washington’s ‘ineptitude’ to engage in meaningful talks and stated that the US is neither fit nor prone to negotiations of any sort.

He said the Americans lack the capacity to negotiate as they view dialog from a tactical standpoint and fail to regard it strategically. “That’s to say, they seek to emasculate the party to the talks only through discussions so that they can enter the next stage and eventually make them surrender.”   

Baqeri said the Americans use negotiations as a replacement for failure to pay other expenses and that is why they are unfit for dialog.

The official also made reference to the US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and said the former American VP has yet to demonstrate his element and part ways with the incumbent in his view of talks, otherwise despite varying methods, Biden’s ultimate goal in negotiations could be no different than Trump’s.


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