Rouhani Advises Next US Administration to Obey Law

Rouhani Advises Next US Administration to Obey Law

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – President of Iran Hassan Rouhani called on the next US administration to learn lessons from the futility of sanctions against the Iranian nation, abide by the law and resume honoring its commitments.

Addressing a Saturday session of the Coronavirus Fight National Headquarters, Rouhani lauded the Iranian nation’s unmatched resistance in the face of the economic acts of terrorism carried out by the White House rulers over the past three years.

Saying that the Iranian people would reap the reward of their resistance and fortitude, he expressed hope that the next US administration would learn lessons from the experience of the past 3 years, abide by the law and regulations, and return to all of Washington’s commitments.

Iran’s decisions are clear, he added, stressing that the Iranian nation will continue to withstand the pressures until the US surrenders to law.

He also expressed hope that those who have imposed sanctions on Iran would realize that their approach has been wrong and they cannot achieve any of their objectives.

In remarks on Thursday, Rouhani said the next American administration will have no option but to surrender to the Iranian nation, regardless of who would win the US presidential battle.

The Iranian administration has already made it clear that its political and economic decisions do not hinge on the results of the US election at all.

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