Iran Plans to Diversify Export Markets for Knowledge-Based Products: Vice President

Iran Plans to Diversify Export Markets for Knowledge-Based Products: Vice President

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari said the country is seeking to expand markets for export of products developed by domestic knowledge-based companies.

“Innovation centers are the birthplace of knowledge-based firms, in how fast they develop depends on their own efforts,” Sattari said, stressing the importance of innovation centers of universities, while visiting such a place in Amirkabir University of Technology in the capital, Tehran.

“Any time I visit these centers, I see new systems, companies and products,” he added.

He praised universities’ initiative to establish innovation centers and knowledge-based companies which have considerable sales, and said the move can be a source of income for universities.

Sattari said such initiatives will build the culture of domestic production and bring universities and society closer together.

Sattari has recently visited Kenya for the second time with a 40-strong delegation of representatives of local knowledge-based and innovative companies to pave the way for the export of homegrown knowledge-based products.

During a meeting, held last week on the second day of the Iranian delegation’s visit to Kenya, which was also attended by Richard Ngatia, president of Kenya’s National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sattari highlighted Iran’s remarkable advances in the nanotechnology field

He said, “Iran has been grappling with the US’ cruel sanctions for 40 years. However, not only did the sanctions fail to prevent Iran’s progress, but turned into the best driving force for the (Iranian) scientists and scientific elites that made us gain self-sufficiency in various scientific fields.”

The products of the Iranian knowledge-based companies meet the international standards, the vice president noted, adding, “All of these products have been manufactured with the best quality and in compliance with the world standards.”

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