Besh Qardash: A Monument, Mineral Spring in Iran's Bojnord

Besh Qardash: A Monument, Mineral Spring in Iran's Bojnord

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Besh Qardash spring or in other words "five brothers" spring is 8 km. south of Bojnord (in North Khorasan Province) and to the east of the Bojnord-Esfarayen Road.

It is narrated that five brothers have disappeared at this place. The water of this spring is high in mineral content, is good for helping in digestion and metabolism.

The place is close to the well-known villages of Meri Janu, Meghan, and Asadli. It refers to the mythic history of the place.

According to the myth, there had been five brothers fighting against the then-brutal government and when they harbored to a hillside, they disappeared and five water springs trilled.

In the Qajar era, Naser al-Din Shah passed the place in his state visit and ordered Yar Mohammad Khan Shadlou (also known as Sardar Mofakham or Siham al-Dowleh Bojnordi) to construct a monument right next to the springs. Also a crown shaped swimming pool was built after some time.

Source: Itto (Iran Tourism and Touring Organization).org

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