President Raisi Raps US for Keeping Sanctions on Iran

President Raisi Raps US for Keeping Sanctions on Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi denounced the US administration for sticking to its predecessor’s approaches, saying the Biden administration has maintained the same policy of sanctions and pressures against Tehran.

In a telephone conversation with President of the European Council Charles Michel on Wednesday, the Iranian president said the US policies on Iran have not changed practically although the administration of Joe Biden has replaced Donald Trump.

“The very same approach and measures, namely the sanctions and pressures against Iran, have remained in place,” Raisi deplored.

Taking a swipe at the US for violating and withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal, the president said the European parties were expected to honor their JCPOA commitments, but have failed to do so.

Responding to the comments from the European Council’s president about the EU’s efforts to maintain its independence in the relations with the US, Raisi expressed hope that Europe would make progress on the path to “strategic independence”.

Voicing Iran’s willingness to boost ties with the European Union in various fields of mutual interest, Raisi said the sustainability of bilateral relations with the EU and its member states hinges on adherence to the principles of “mutual respect, focusing on the commonalities, and preventing the effect of external factors.”

He emphasized that continued cooperation requires “practical determination” on part of the Europeans and refraining from linking the ties to the will of unilateralist powers, such as the US.

On the developments in Afghanistan, the Iranian president called for concerted interaction for the formation of a government in Kabul that would be able to ensure peace, security, calm and development and win the trust of the Afghan people.

Pointing to the harmful effects of intervention from the foreign governments, particularly the US, on security in Afghanistan, Raisi said 20 years of presence of the US and NATO in Afghanistan has only brought about wars, bloodshed, destruction, and rise in the production of drugs.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the lack of an inclusive government with the participation of all ethnicities in Afghanistan will deal a big blow to the future of that country and the security of Europe,” the president warned.

He finally pointed to the course of cooperation between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, saying Tehran’s serious interaction with the UN nuclear watchdog is a clear sign of the Islamic Republic’s resolve to do its nuclear activities transparently.

“Naturally, if the International Atomic Energy Agency shows unconstructive behavior, it will not be logical to expect Iran to show constructive reaction. Unconstructive measures would naturally obstruct the course of negotiations,” Raisi concluded.

For his part, Michel highlighted the European Union’s willingness for the promotion of economic cooperation with Iran.

He said the fact that the sanctions have adversely affected the relations between the EU and Iran is a reason for the bloc to attach significance to the concept of strategic independence.

Michel said the EU is eager to remain as an honest partner for Iran in order to contribute to stability in the region.

Pointing to the lessons that should be learnt from 20 years of presence of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, he voiced concern about the influx of Afghan refugees to Europe.

Michel also asked Iran to play a role in the efforts to restore stability to Afghanistan, saying Europe’s main priority is to evacuate the European citizens and the Afghans who have worked with them.

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