Israeli Soldiers Deliberately Release Military Dog to Maim Surrendering Palestinian Teenager (+Video)

Israeli Soldiers Deliberately Release Military Dog to Maim Surrendering Palestinian Teenager (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Israeli regime forces used a military dog to attack a Palestinian man during a harsh overnight arrest, despite the man surrendering and holding his hands up.

A newly-released footage that was made public on Wednesday, relates to an incident that reportedly took place on Monday near the city of Ramallah, condemned widely as a “barbaric act.”

It shows 19-year-old Malik Maala holding his hands behind his head while awaiting arrest by the Israeli troops at his workplace in the occupied West Bank city of al-Bireh.

Quite shockingly, as the teenager prepares to be handcuffed, a military dog released by Israeli soldiers standing nearby pounces on him, the UK-based Middle East Eye reported Thursday.

The footage shows Israeli military forces approaching the university student moments after he is attacked by the dog, detaining him and taking him to an undisclosed location.

The Palestinian Authority's prisoners’ commission, reacting to the incident, termed it "distressful and cruel" and a "barbaric act."

"It is another proof that clarifies the ongoing methods of the occupation aiming at breaking the will of our people to build a successful and stable future," the agency said in a Thursday statement.

It blasted the silence of international human rights watchdogs for their failure in “defending the minimum rights of our people in building their future and obtaining freedom."

The commission also noted that Maala was arrested while working as a guard at an industrial facility in al-Bireh to raise money for his university tuition fees.



Israeli regime news outlets tried to justify the vicious cruelty by insisting that the measure was intended to “frighten” the Palestinian youth and that the dog was held back to prevent harm on the teenager.

The report and the Palestinian agency did not cite reasons for Maala’s brutal arrest.

The development coincided with media reports that the Israeli regime has refused to cooperate with a United Nations team probing the crimes it committed during a full-scale war on the besieged Palestinian enclave, Gaza Strip, last year.

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