Iran Won’t Retreat from Nuclear Rights, President Pledges

Iran Won’t Retreat from Nuclear Rights, President Pledges

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Highlighting the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program, President Ebrahim Raisi underscored that Tehran will never give up its nuclear rights in the negotiations on the revival of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Speaking at a Saturday event marking the 16th anniversary of the country's nuclear industry, Raisi stated, "One of the components of the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran are these sophisticated human beings who are educated and willing to take risks."

He called the country's nuclear martyrs the flag bearers of an important period in Iran's history and said, "Our country's nuclear scientists, and at the top of them, the nuclear martyrs, were people who actively faced numerous obstacles and never became inactive.”

"Today, despite the wishes of the enemies and relying on the steely will of the scientists, the nuclear industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran has made significant progress and, more importantly, this industry has become domestic to our country," he added.

“The many sanctions, threats and oppressions that were inflicted on the Iranian nation did not and will not stop us. The assassination of scientists of the nuclear industry and the sabotage of nuclear facilities could not stop the Iranian people from advancing their peaceful goals," the president added, according to his official website.

He said, "The enemies know very well that nuclear weapons have no place in the defense doctrine of the Islamic Republic, and the International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed 15 times in its reports that no violations have been observed in Iran's nuclear activities.

"The nuclear activities and equipment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in total include about three percent of the nuclear equipment in the world, but 25 percent of the inspection capacity of the International Atomic Energy Agency is allocated to this volume of nuclear activities, which shows the concern of ill-wishers of the Islamic Republic is about Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons and even due to the fact that Iran has become powerful and enjoys numerous achievements in the peaceful nuclear industry," Raisi stated.

"Many countries in the region have nuclear weapons, but the enemies have no sensitivity to their nuclear weapons, and this shows that what worries them from the Islamic Republic of Iran is the independence and strength of Iran," he noted.

"Today, despite the wishes of the enemies, the young and brave scientists of the country have shown high capabilities in the nuclear industry and their valuable achievements have many applications in various fields of medicine, agriculture and industry," the president added.

Raisi stated that the will of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to defend the inalienable right of the great nation of Iran with all its might, adding, "We will never allow the domination seekers to violate the Iranian nation's right or slow down or stop Iran's peaceful nuclear activities, and the path to increasingly achieving the peaceful achievements and capabilities of a nuclear power will continue."

"The nuclear and military industries of the country have been subject to sanctions and pressure more than any other field, but we see that the most progress of our country has been achieved in these fields. The reason for these developments is that our country's activities in these fields rely on the high and strong will of the young scientists of the Islamic Republic of Iran," he said.

Stating that the government is seriously pursuing the achievements and progress of the peaceful nuclear industry in other industrial areas of the country, including the automobile industry, Raisi noted, "The government, especially in 1401, the motto of which is production, employment and knowledge base, will do its best to plan and take action in various industries of the country, especially heavy industries, to take advantage of the capacities of science-based and knowledge-based."

Referring to the preparation of a strategic document of the Atomic Energy Organization for the 20-year horizon of the industry, the president said, "The preparation of this document deserves appreciation because it proves the existence of ideas and planning in this complex to achieve higher horizons."

"On the National Day of the Nuclear Industry, which belongs to the great nation of Iran, we announce that peaceful nuclear activities, relying on creativity and innovative measures, will continue to move towards increasing progress," he added.

"Although the enemies do not want to hear, we declare for the hundredth time that the nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran are peaceful and non-acceptance of them will never stop our work. In the nuclear talks, we will not take a single step back from the rights of the Iranian people," the president underlined.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has not left the talks and will not stop them, but our strategy is the same strategy announced by the Supreme Leader and always the same strategy that obliges the government to protect the rights of the nation and the achievements of scientists."

Emphasizing the need to commercialize the achievements of the country's nuclear industry, especially the nine achievements that were unveiled today, the president said, "The activities of the Atomic Energy Organization in the field of medicine, pharmacy, agriculture and industry can certainly be effective in better fulfilling the slogan of the year."

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