Iran to Launch New Destroyers

Iran to Launch New Destroyers

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian Navy is going to operate two new homegrown destroyers, a top commander said.

In comments at a televised interview on Friday night, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani unveiled plans to bring two advanced destroyers into operation.

The commander said the process of production of ‘Zagros’ and ‘Damavand-2’ destroyers has made progress and the two vessels will be launched in the near future.

They will join the Navy’s fleet in an official ceremony, he added.

The commander said the military vessels need to undergo full tests, as they are updated and furnished with the cutting-edge technologies.

In June 2021, the Navy took delivery of ‘Dena’ destroyer and ‘Shahin’ (falcon) minesweeper.

Dena is the fourth Jamaran-class destroyer manufactured by the Defense Ministry’s naval industries. It is equipped with various defense and offense systems, is designed to make long journeys in the oceans, and is capable of detecting, tracking, and hitting various aerial, surface, and submarine targets.

Iranian military experts and technicians have in recent years made great headways in manufacturing a broad range of indigenous equipment, making the armed forces self-sufficient in the arms sphere.

Iranian officials have repeatedly underscored that the country will not hesitate to strengthen its military capabilities, including its missile power, which are entirely meant for defense, and that Iran’s defense capabilities will be never subject to negotiations.

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