IRGC Vows Retribution for Assassination of Serviceman

IRGC Vows Retribution for Assassination of Serviceman

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The spokesperson for the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps warned the “thugs and remnants of terrorist groups” affiliated with the Zionists that they will receive severe punishment for the assassination of IRGC member Hassan Sayyad Khodaei.

In a statement on Monday, IRGC Spokesperson General Ramezan Sharif offered his condolences on the martyrdom of Colonel Khodaei, who was shot in an assassination attack in Tehran on Sunday.

The spokesman paid tribute to the late IRGC serviceman for devoting his life to protecting Iran’s independence and security, saying he ultimately became the target of rancor of those hired by the spy agencies of the hegemony and the global Zionism.

The thugs and the remnants of terrorist groups affiliated with the global arrogance and Zionism will be given punishment for their criminal act, he underlined.

Sharif reminded the enemy that criminal measures against the Iranian nation and military forces will get nowhere, stressing that the martyrdom of Colonel Khodaei would strengthen the IRGC’s resolve to safeguard the national power and security and to fight against the enemies, particularly the “terrorist US regime and the fake, criminal and short-lived Zionist regime”.

Khodaei was assassinated by two motorcyclists when he was dismounting his car to enter his home in an eastern neighborhood of Tehran on Sunday.

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