Iran Pledges Support for BRICS Goals

Iran Pledges Support for BRICS Goals

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi expressed the country’s readiness to share its vast capabilities and potentials to help the BRICS attain its goals.

The Iranian president delivered a speech at the virtual summit of the BRICS Business Forum, which was attended by the group’s top leaders on Friday.

In his address, Raisi voiced Iran’s readiness to use all its capabilities, including unique energy reserves, short and inexpensive transit and transportation networks, and exceptional wealth of trained manpower, to help the BRICS (five major emerging economies including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) to achieve its goals.

What follows is the full text of his speech:


Friends and colleagues;

At the outset, I would like to congratulate His Excellency Mr. Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China, on his successful presidency and successful holding of the BRICS Summit, and appreciate him and the government of China for inviting the Islamic Republic of Iran for attending the BRICS+ and High-Level Dialogue on Global Development summits.

I would like to share some points with you in the agenda of the meeting, which is "Participating in Global Development in the New Era".

The current intertwined world faces new and diverse challenges that affect the progress of world friendship and peace. Emerging crises such as the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, as well as regional and international conflicts have made interaction between countries doubly necessary. On the other hand, we see collective experiences and wills to overcome problems that, in the form of collective institutions and arrangements, facilitate the realization of collective development initiatives and the pursuit of global common interests. We need to strengthen this global platform for the effective role-playing of independent multilateral institutions in achieving homogeneous development and world peace.

Conflicting global trends, unilateralism, nationalist preferences, and challenges such as sanctions and coercive economic action underscore the importance of creating and strengthening new institutions alongside the United Nations, so that while respecting the sovereignty and national interests of nations, important steps can be taken for the realization of a “Human Society with Common Future".

As a leading institution consisting of large emerging economies, the BRICS has been able to shape new trends in the world by providing proper models and initiatives. With complementary economies and cultural diversity, BRICS members can meet mutual needs and share their national and indigenous development experiences to enhance global prosperity and peace. The BRICS initiatives, including President Xi Jinping's Global Development Initiative, are a successful example of a global perspective to address common and collective challenges.

BRICS plays an effective role in advancing goals such as developing South-South relations, reforming the international financial system and presenting ideas and initiatives by its members, including the “One Belt-One Road Initiative”, establishing a new Development Bank with the aim of promoting public welfare and strengthening international peace and stability indicate the innovative nature and effectiveness of this institution in the present and future.

The BRICS policies and programs reflected in its statements and documents show that it is able to address a wide range of issues related to the concerns of developing societies. The agenda of this meeting also shows the connection between development and security, peace, health, environment and innovation. Proposals such as the Global Security Initiative also provide a good platform for shaping organized cooperation.

Mr. Chairman;


The Islamic Republic of Iran deeply believes in world justice and considers the transformation of this transcendent ideal into a comprehensive discourse on the world stage an undeniable necessity. Although the contemporary world has witnessed development in some areas, development minus justice has led to the spread of global crises such as the crisis of spirituality, morality, family, hunger and the gap between rich and poor, and efforts to marginalize the rich cultural diversity of the world.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a country with a rich history of active participation in international initiatives, with vast economic, human and natural capacities and also inspired by indigenous models, has been able to take lasting steps in the process of its national development with the help of a culture of independence-seeking and right-seeking. We are ready to share all our capabilities and potentials, including unparalleled energy reserves, short and inexpensive transportation and transit networks, the exceptional wealth of trained manpower, as well as significant scientific achievements, to help the BRICS achieve its goals. This unique position of political and economic geography can make Iran a stable and reliable partner to connect BRICS to main energy routes and major global markets.

In the end, I would like to thank all the BRICS members, and once again express my satisfaction with attending this meeting and declare the readiness of the representatives of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to actively participate in other BRICS meetings.

Thank you.”

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