Trump Says ‘Crazy Nancy’ Involvement with China, Taiwan Will Make Things Worse

Trump Says ‘Crazy Nancy’ Involvement with China, Taiwan Will Make Things Worse

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should not get involved in the situation around China and Taiwan because she will only make it worse, former president Donald Trump said in a statement.

"Why is Nancy Pelosi getting involved with China and Taiwan other than to make trouble and more money," Trump said via his Truth Social platform on Friday. "The China mess is the last thing she should be involved in - she will only make it worse. Crazy Nancy just inserts herself and causes great friction and hatred", Sputnik reported.

Amidst reports that Pelosi will be traveling to Taiwan in August, tensions have risen between China and the US.

Beijing promised to take decisive measures, including military actions, to protect its territorial sovereignty, adding they will hold Washington responsible for any further degradation of the situation and bilateral relations.

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping held a phone conversation, discussing, among other topics, Taiwan.

The White House said that Biden underscored that the US policy on Taiwan remains unchanged and Washington continues to oppose any unilateral efforts to alter the existing status quo.

China's state media meanwhile reported that Xi, while speaking about Taiwan, warned Biden that "one who plays with fire will certainly get burned."

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