Iran Urges UN Action against Unilateralism

Iran Urges UN Action against Unilateralism

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The president of Iran called on the United Nations to play a more serious role in countering the unilateral conducts, describing national dialogue without foreign interference as the solution to the crises in a number of regional countries.

On the last day of his trip to New York for participation in the United Nations General Assembly, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday.

Emphasizing the importance of the UN’s position in giving nations a role to solve their problems and prevent foreign interference in their internal affairs, Raisi said, "The United Nations should be the true meaning of the organization of nations, not the organization of powers."

He noted that Iran has been a friend in difficult times for its neighbors. Highlighting Iran's humanitarian actions in sheltering the Afghan refugees and also its serious fight against terrorism, the president said, "On the other hand, NATO and the United States have been the source of war, destruction, occupation and killing in our region."

Referring to the current crises in some countries of the region, the president said the solution to all of them is the formation of national dialogues without foreign interference. "It is necessary for the United Nations to play a more serious role against unilateralist behaviors."

Reaffirming Iran's support for regional dialogue to resolve issues between the countries, Raisi said, "If justice and fairness are implemented from this position, you will leave a great name behind in the history of this world organization."

For his part, the UN chief appreciated the continuous actions of Iran in providing shelter to Afghan refugees, praised Iran's role in the Yemeni ceasefire, and said, "The withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear agreement was an unconstructive and very distressing action."

Guterres described Iran's initiative to create a framework for regional dialogues as constructive and supported by the United Nations, affirmed the positions of Iran on the issue of human rights, and said, "Human rights should not be used as a tool and pretext for war against countries."

He also expressed his displeasure with the non-suspension of sanctions against Iran despite the coronavirus pandemic, and stated, "Iran has an old civilization and is an indispensable and undeniable part of today's world, and the considerations of the Islamic Republic in solving the problems of Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Afghanistan by the hands of their own people are reasonable."