KRG Targets Hit by IRGC Had Role in Iran Riots: IRGC General

KRG Targets Hit by IRGC Had Role in Iran Riots: IRGC General

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The bases of terrorists in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region that have recently been hit by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps had played a major role in the recent riots in Iran, a ranking IRGC general said.

In comments on Tuesday, the IRGC deputy commander for operations, Brigadier General Abbas Nilforooshan, said the IRGC would destroy any base or position acting as the origin of operations against the security of Iran or organizing terrorist moves.

He said that the bases of terrorists that the IRGC Ground Force recently hit in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region had played a major role in the riots that have erupted in Iran in the past days.

“Under no circumstances will we allow the formation of threats around the country. We have told everybody that we extend the hand of friendship and fraternity to all neighbors and dear ones with whom we have peaceful co-existence,” he added.

The general went on to say that such a strategic policy resulted in the IRGC Ground Force’s move to shell the positions of anti-revolutionary and hostile positions outside the northwestern borders in northern Iraq.

Iran has made it clear to the Kurdistan Regional Government that establishment of entrenchment and creation of bases by the enemies are unacceptable to the Islamic Republic, he added.

During the past week, the IRGC has launched at least three attacks on northern Iraq after terrorists used the region to ignite riots and unrest along border cities west of Iran.

The move by IRGC Ground Force to hit Iraqi-based Komalah and Democrat terrorist groups came following illegal entry by these groups’ armed teams into Iranian border cities.

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