Regional Equations Impossible without Iran’s Role: President

Regional Equations Impossible without Iran’s Role: President

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi highlighted the country’s strong position, stressing that no equation in the region would be possible without the Islamic Republic’s major role.

Raisi made the remarks while addressing a meeting with the participants of the 18th General Assembly of the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) in Tehran on Tuesday.

“Despite all sanctions and threats, we are stronger than ever and we are in a position of power,” he said.

The president maintained that the era of unilateralism has come to an end, adding, “After the era of unilateralism, a new chapter is emerging now and new powers are being established in the world.”

“Today, the power of the Americans in the region is declining,” he asserted, Press TV reported.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Raisi highlighted the need for the formation of a media coalition in the region and the world to protect countries against the influence of the West’s culture.

Further expounding on the massive campaign against the culture of independent nations in the current world of communications, he said media outlets play a very important role in fending off a “ruthless attack on independence, freedom, culture and identity of independent nations.”

He emphasized that media outlets have a very important mission to protect the civilizational identity and assets of people, particularly in the very rich Asia and Pacific regions, as well as the independence of countries and nations.

The president also warned that arrogant powers seek to impose their own perceptions on countries, adding that independent media are responsible for helping nations get a correct understanding of the events.

President Raisi said journalists should play a role to prevent violence, organized crime, ethnic and religious conflicts and drug trafficking as well as other issues through their media.

“The enemies seek to sow discord among nations. Today’s war is the war of narratives, that is, several different narratives are presented about one incident and one must look for the facts to determine which one is correct,” he added.

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