Frightened Enemies Request Iran Not to Respond: IRGC Chief

Frightened Enemies Request Iran Not to Respond: IRGC Chief

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said that the frightened enemies have been on high alert for several days and are sending messages through several nations, requesting Iran not to respond to their crimes.

Speaking at a memorial ceremony held on the 11th anniversary of the martyrdom of General Hassan Tehrani Moqaddam in Tehran, Major General Hossein Salami said the crimes of the enemy will not go unanswered.

General Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam (died November 12, 2011) was an engineer and has been described as the chief of Iran’s ballistic missile program and a top Iranian missile commander. He was killed in an explosion at a Revolution Guards Corps depot about 25 miles west of Iran's capital, Tehran, that killed 16 others besides Moqaddam.

Adding that the Iranian nation is still moving forward and hasn't stopped, General Salami said: "today, enemies strangled their hopes and blocked all of their imaginative paths, yet they have failed to stop Iran."

Refereeing to Iran’s recent achievements, the top general said that the enemies have tried to entangle the country into domestic [issues], but “we targeted terrorist groups' bases in Iraq's Kurdistan Region, held a large exercise on the banks of the Aras River, launched a satellite carrier, tested the Bavar 373 missile system at a range of 300 km, and announced on the other day that we had developed a new missile that no missile defense system is able to confront it”.

“The enemy was warned that we would take their peace, so we would unquestionably take their peace. They are on high alert and restless after several days,” Major General Salami said, adding: “they are afraid, and regularly send us messages, requesting not to hit back,” he continued.

Referring to the recent riots in the country, the IRGC Commander said that by sending a number of "deceived young people of our own", the enemy made the mistake of believing they could confront the grandeur and greatness of a global revolution. He also noted that the Iranian nation is changing the enemy's calculations.

He underlined that the enemy usually fails due to its own faults. Saying: “We shall defeat them once again by taking advantage of their error.”

The IRGC commander continued by emphasizing that the enemy's plans to undermine national security by inciting riots had failed and that "the Iranian nation is changing the enemy's calculations."

“The people today have completely distanced themselves from the enemy's policies through awareness, introspection, reflection, rationality, and logic,” he continued, adding that by digging deep into the enemy, we will find those who are against the Iranian people, including Biden, Netanyahu, Bin Salman, and the French and German (politicians), who are hopelessly inept at international politics.

Major General Salami said the enemies "want Iran to remain reliant, and dependent without religion," but they should know that “the Iranian nation is alive, and will determine their own fate.”

“Let the enemies know that if they hit one of us, we will hit all of them,” he emphasized.

The Iranian general went on to say that the country will take revenge on the martyrdom of General Soleimani by forcing the enemies from the region.

Paying tribute to the late General Hassan Tehrani Moqaddam, the founder of Iran's ballistic missile program, Major General Salami said that his legacy is being carried forward by the commanders of the IRGC Aerospace Force, and significant advancements have been accomplished, adding that today the country has the capability to target fixed and mobile sea targets, using supersonic missiles.

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