Nuclear Chief Decries IAEA Resolution, Warns of Iran’s Tough Response

Nuclear Chief Decries IAEA Resolution, Warns of Iran’s Tough Response

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Mohammad Eslami denounced the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors’ “unconstructive” move to pass a resolution against Iran, saying it will draw a strong response from Tehran.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a cultural ceremony in Isfahan on Sunday, Eslami said the recent decision by the IAEA Board of Governors to pass a resolution against Iran was an unconstructive move with the purpose of maintaining maximum pressures on Tehran.

He emphasized that the resolution would by no means help settle the existing problems, saying the director general of the IAEA has already acknowledged that issuing such resolutions would not contribute to any progress in the issues.

“It appears that the three European states (the UK, France and Germany) and the US are used to resorting to various means of pressure, including resolutions and sanctions, and this is fairly obvious that such pressures will be futile,” he stated.

The wrong move to pass the resolution against Iran will draw a firm response from the Islamic Republic, Eslami said.

He noted that Iran is pressing on with its peaceful nuclear activities in accordance with the Parliament’s Strategic Action Plan to Counter Sanctions, reaffirming that the anti-Iran resolutions do not hamper the advancements in Iran’s nuclear program.

The recent IAEA resolution, ratified on Thursday, has criticized Iran for what it called a lack of cooperation with the agency. It was put forward by the United States, Britain, France and Germany, in continuation of their political pressures on Iran. Russia and China voted against the motion.

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