Exclusive: Members of Anti-Iran Saudi-Funded TV Channel Banned from Leaving UK

Exclusive: Members of Anti-Iran Saudi-Funded TV Channel Banned from Leaving UK

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Members of a UK-based anti-Iran TV channel which is funded through a secretive Saudi offshore entity are banned from leaving the UK.

An informed security source told the Tasnim News Agency that the British government has prohibited all of the staff members of the Iran International TV channel, also known as Saudi International in Iran, from leaving the country until further notice after some of them send cooperation requests to work with Iranian intelligence agencies.

Strict guidelines are being implemented for the movement of the network employees in the wake of covert attempts by two staff members of the Saudi-funded network to collaborate with the Iranian intelligence apparatus and evade the security control of the terrorist-supporting network in order to return to Iran.

In this regard, after consulting with the British security services, the managers of Iran International TV channel refused the requests by some employees for personal trips to Qatar after the Persian Gulf country declined to issue entry permits for the network’s journalists during the World Cup matches.

Following Iran's declaration of the network as a terrorist organization, the managers of the Saudi-owned TV opposed the typical movement of its personnel outside the UK and expressed concern that some of them may return to Iran.

Citing one of the people involved in the network who is adamantly pursuing to return to Iran and end his carrier in the Saudi-owned terrorist-supporting channel, an informed security source revealed in a report by the Didehban Strategic Institute that the employees of the network can neither for the World Cup nor for spending holidays, leave the UK until further notice, because the British security services are worried that the return of the network staff to Tehran will further tear the anti-Iran channel apart.

According to the security source, some staff members of the anti-Iran channel have become suspiciously more radical in showing their hatred towards the Islamic Republic of Iran through social media platforms, as well as displaying their loyalty to the British spy agencies.

The source added that the member who is interested in returning to Iran said that all the employees present at recent network meetings have been horrified by the failure of the network’s project to destabilize Iran, insisting that all the money spent by Saudi Arabia on the matter was for nothing.

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