Suspicious Incidents in Israel: Massive Blast or Aerial Exercise?

Suspicious Incidents in Israel: Massive Blast or Aerial Exercise?

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The residents of Tel Aviv and Haifa in the occupied territories left their houses a few days ago after a massive explosion sound and a power outage. The people fleeing in panic were told that the blast sound was caused by the sonic boom of fighter jets during a military drill.

The residents of Tel Aviv and Haifa districts (the Sharon plain) in the occupied territories heard an explosion sound on Friday night, which was followed by a power outage. The people fled their houses for fear of a missile attack by the Gaza resistance forces. They were told after a while that the blast sound was caused by the sonic boom of fighter jets during a military drill.

Immediately after the incident, all reports about the blast released by the Hebrew-language media outlets and accounts were deleted from the virtual space. A number of more famous media outlets had already announced in their reports that updates about the cause of the blast or the number of casualties would be released later.

What has remained unclear two days after the incident is the unannounced war game and why the Zionist regime’s ministry of defense had not publicized the drill beforehand. Another suspicious issue is the deletion of posts and news about the incident from the virtual space.

The monitoring of the incident lays bare the special connection between the Zionist regime’s security organizations and the administrators of social networks, particularly Twitter, showing how they divert the attention of readers by censoring or running whatever story they want about specific subjects.

The findings of the Hebrew department of Tasnim indicate that at first, a person named Yuer Dadia in a post on Facebook protested about the huge blast sound and massive power outages in the Sharon plain, which includes the cities of Netanya, Herzliya, Hadera, Kfar Saba, Kfar Yona, Rosh Haayin, Ra'anana, Hod Hasharon, Ramat Hasharon, Tira and Qalansawe, and wrote, “This corporation is not the electricity corporation. Shame on the electric corporation that charges us millions, but we have no power for hours.”

However, the organization that took action after the incident was not the Israeli electric corporation, but the Zionist regime’s security organizations.

The reporter of the Hebrew department of Tasnim has found out that:

1. The incident happened with sound, flashes and a thick plume.

2. There was a massive blackout immediately after the explosion.

3. Some electricity transformers and utility poles exploded.

4. Nearly all electrical appliances that had been plugged in were damaged or caught fire.

The Zionist regime officials should also provide an explanation for a series of suspicious issues:

1. What sort of aerial exercise would come with a power outage? The regime’s F-35 fighter jets must have attacked a main domestic electrical substation by mistake.

2. How is Twitter connected with the Zionist regime’s security centers, as the social network can censor or boycott news about various suspicious incidents in Israel?

3. More importantly, what problem has happened in the Zionist regime’s power generation and distribution infrastructures during the past two years that the Zionists have been unable to fix?

There have even been more unexplained incidents in recent years, such as the Tamer explosion and other blasts, or the number of casualties, for which the Zionist officials have provided no explanation.

Here is a suggestion for president of the Zionist regime Isaac Herzog: The electrical corporation of the regime had better be controlled by the security forces, just like the water company!

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