Spokesman Raps Political Push to Oust Iran from UN Women's Commission

Spokesman Raps Political Push to Oust Iran from UN Women's Commission

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry denounced the US’ political attempt to remove Iran from the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), warning that such an illegal precedent would question the UN member states’ right to vote.

Asked about Washington’s plans to oust Iran from the 45-member UN Commission on the Status of Women, Nasser Kanaani said at a press conference on Monday that Tehran condemns the unacceptable move by a number of Western governments to misuse the internal developments in Iran to impose political pressures on the country.

“Currently, the US is trying with the help of certain European governments to put obstacles in the way of Iran’s membership in the CSW in a totally political and illegal move by imposing pressures, using political potentials, and influencing independent states,” he said.

The spokesman warned that such a plan by the US amounts to a move against the free vote of nations at international organizations and structures before being an action against Iran.

“The US’ move is practically questioning the right to vote of the UN’s independent states and has disputed the value of votes of those nations,” Kanaani added.

The spokesman warned that a precedent will be established and the right to vote of the CSW members will be thrown into question if the US and its allies oust Iran from the commission by employing political pressures and instruments.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will use all of its political and diplomatic capacities to prevent that political move, he concluded.

Iran is just starting a four-year term on the commission, which meets annually every March and aims to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women.

US Vice President Kamala Harris said on Wednesday that her country will try to remove Iran from the CSW over what she called the government's denial of women's rights and crackdown on protests.

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