Iran Warns US of Crushing Response to Any Aggression

Iran Warns US of Crushing Response to Any Aggression

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry warned the US government that any violation of Iran’s interests or territories will draw such a decisive response that would make the aggressors regret it.

In response to the threatening remarks from the US secretary of state and its national security adviser, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani said on Monday that the US government must note the legal and international responsibilities of its threats against Iran and it must think more about the political consequences of such provocative statements.

He said Iran has repeatedly reaffirmed the peaceful nature of its nuclear activities and this is attested by numerous reports of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Kanaani reiterated that nuclear arms have no place in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s national security doctrine.

At the same time, he added, Iran has not stopped its scientific and technological progress in the nuclear field and it will pursue its nuclear program as much as needed for the development of the country and in line with its inalienable rights as a signatory to the nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, NPT.

The spokesman underscored that the US government also knows that Iran will not tolerate any aggression against its territory and interests and will respond to aggressors decisively and in a manner that would make them regret their action.

Deriding the ridiculous claim that the US supports the Iranian people, Kanaani addressed Washington by saying, “End this hypocrisy and do not underestimate the political intelligence of the Iranian nation.”

Kanaani added that during the recent riots, the Iranian people once again saw how the US and some of its European allies, in different ways and to the best of their ability, tried to sacrifice the security of the people of Iran to their evil and anti-Iran desires and objectives through provocation and incitement of rioting. “But they failed to achieve their goals as in the past, and the conscious people of Iran let them down,” he stated, the Foreign Ministry’s website reported.

The spokesman finally noted that the US government and its European partners will not gain anything from their continued lies about Iran’s internal affairs, but Tehran will hold them to account over their anti-Iranian acts.

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