US to Supply Ukraine with 'Longer-Range' Weapons

US to Supply Ukraine with 'Longer-Range' Weapons

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Biden administration has reportedly approved the delivery of Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) rocket artillery to Ukraine.

According to two unnamed US officials cited by Reuters, the GLSDB rockets, which have a range of 94 miles (150 km), are part of a larger military aid package valued at over $2 billion and will enhance Ukraine's military capabilities by nearly doubling the range of previous munitions provided by the US and NATO allies.

In addition to the GLSDB, the military aid package will include Javelin anti-tank weapons, mine-resistant vehicles, multiple-launch rocket systems, and support equipment for Patriot air defense systems. The Biden administration had previously been hesitant to provide weaponry that could reach Russian soil and escalate the conflict, but recent weeks have seen an increase in the level of military aid being provided to Ukraine.

Last week, the US approved plans to send M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, despite Biden's previous statements that such a move could lead to World War III. The first batch of previously approved 60 Bradley Fighting Vehicles is already en route, according to the US Transportation Command. The GLSDB is being developed by US defense contractor Boeing, with the intention of quickly getting new weapons into production for Ukraine.

Despite claims by US officials that the weapons are not meant to be used for strikes into Russian territory, Ukrainian intelligence chief Kirill Budanov has threatened further strikes inside Russia until Ukraine's territorial integrity is restored. The Kremlin has warned that any threats to Russian territory, including Crimea, will result in a stronger military response from Moscow. The US State Department has stated that Ukraine is free to select its own targets, including in Crimea.

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