Turkey Summons Western Envoys Over Consulate Closures

Turkey Summons Western Envoys Over Consulate Closures

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Turkey summoned nine Western ambassadors on Wednesday over their countries' recent closures of Turkish consulates and suspension of diplomatic activities, according to a Turkish official.

Turkey summoned the ambassadors of nine countries on Thursday to demand an explanation in the aftermath of the countries' decision to temporarily close diplomatic offices and issue security alerts following desecration of the Holy Quran across Europe.

The move was in response to several Western nations taking similar measures against Turkey following the latter's decision to close some of its own consulates in their respective countries.

The Turkish official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the ambassadors of Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Norway, Ireland and Iceland were called in to the Foreign Ministry in the capital Ankara, according to PressTV.

The Western countries cited security reasons for their decision to shut down the Turkish consulates, however, Turkish officials have accused them of taking one-sided measures and not being respectful of international diplomatic norms.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has yet to make a public statement regarding the matter.

This latest development marks a growing diplomatic tension between Turkey and several Western nations, with both sides exchanging accusations and counter-accusations.

It remains to be seen how this latest development will impact the relationship between Turkey and the Western countries involved, as well as the wider international community.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry recently summoned the Dutch ambassador to Ankara over an anti-Islam protest in The Hague, during which a copy of the Quran was torn apart. It further referred to a Quran burning by a Danish-Swedish extremist politician in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm over the weekend, saying, “This makes clear that Islamophobia, discrimination, and xenophobia know no borders in Europe.”

Turkish people also held large protests to condemn the sacrilegious assault.

Like other parts of the Muslim world, tempers are running high in Turkey over the repeated Islamophobic incidents in recent days.

Protesters across various Muslim countries chanted slogans and vented their anger against the silence of the West regarding repeated sacrilegious incidents. Demonstrators also called on Muslim nations to boycott European goods.

Condemnations continued to pour in from Muslim countries across the world. Yemen, Qatar along with other Islamic nations joined Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey to denounce the desecration.



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