Syrian President Calls US World’s ‘Most Rogue Country’

Syrian President Calls US World’s ‘Most Rogue Country’

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has accused the West of hypocrisy and lies, saying that the United States is the "most rogue country in the world."

In an interview with RIA news agency on Thursday, he also condemned the US chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's visit to northeastern Syria as a violation of international law.

Syrian President also criticized the policy of the West towards Syria and the world, calling it built on "hypocrisy and lies".

He went on to state that the US is the "most rogue country in the world”.

When asked about the possibility of a summit with Turkish President Erdogan, al-Assad emphasized that Syria's priority is the withdrawal of all illegal foreign forces, specifically the US and Turkey and stopping their support for terrorism.

He expressed concern over the lack of a clear agenda for such a meeting, stating that Syria will only attend with maximum conditions.

Heading a ranking a "large ministerial delegation," the president of Syria arrived in Moscow on Tuesday for high-level talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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