UAE Withdraws from Yemen As Saudi-Omani Delegation Arrives for Ceasefire Talks

UAE Withdraws from Yemen As Saudi-Omani Delegation Arrives for Ceasefire Talks

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) officially began withdrawing from Yemen, according to Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, a senior member of Yemen's Ansarullah movement and the governor of Dhamar province.

Al-Bukhaiti announced that "there is an understanding with Saudi Arabia" regarding Yemen without disclosing details.

In an interview with Al Mayadeen, Al-Bukhaiti stated that "the UAE's participation with Saudi Arabia in the aggression against Yemen was a big mistake, and the UAE should learn the lesson and fully withdraw."

Al-Bukhaiti emphasized that any Saudi attempts to achieve peace with Yemen would strengthen the Saudi position.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and Oman are seeking to broker a ceasefire agreement between the warring parties in Yemen. A Saudi delegation, led by Mohammed Al-Jaber and accompanied by an Omani delegation, is expected to arrive in the capital, Sanaa, in the next two days to hold discussions on fully reopening Yemeni ports and airports, paying public sector employees' salaries, reconstruction, and political transition.

Reuters reported that if an agreement is reached, the parties may announce it before the Eid al-Fitr holiday, which begins on April 20.

According to Al-Bukhaiti, the conditions for achieving a ceasefire differ from those for achieving peace. "The agreement on the ceasefire before Eid al-Fitr will be carried out in two stages," he explained. He also called on "the Yemenis involved in the aggression not to miss the opportunity."

Meanwhile, efforts to end the aggression on Yemen and lift the siege on it would continue through negotiations, according to Mohammed Abdul Salam, the spokesman for the Houthi Ansarullah movement and head of their negotiating delegation. "God willing, the efforts will culminate in a peace agreement that meets the demands of the Yemeni people from Saada to Mahra," he tweeted.

Abdulwahab al-Mahbashi, a member of the Ansarullah political bureau, stressed that "the Iranian-Saudi agreement is positive and will have an impact on the Yemeni file."

Riyadh has also reportedly informed the Presidential Council of its decision to end the war and "close the Yemeni file permanently."

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