Iran Slams Silence on Fate of Palestinian Prisoners Held in Israeli Jails

Iran Slams Silence on Fate of Palestinian Prisoners Held in Israeli Jails

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Nasser Kanaani, asked for updates on the fate of approximately 5,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, including 31 women and 160 children.

On Tuesday, Kanaani, took to Twitter to mark Palestinian Prisoners' Day and criticized "fraudulent claimants of human rights" for their silence on the fate of around 5,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Palestinian institutions reported that 4,900 Palestinian prisoners are held in Israeli prisons, with 700 at risk of death among the 4,900 male and female prisoners.

Kanaani criticized Western countries' silence regarding the systematic and organized violation of Palestinian rights by the "anti-human Zionist regime." He added that history and human conscience will judge this “deafening silence.”

The Prisoners and Liberated Affairs Authority, the Palestinian Prisoners' Society, the "Al-Dameer" Institute, as well as the "Wadi Hilweh" human rights center collected the published statistics.

Additionally, the Israeli regime has not yet returned the bodies of 12 prisoners who died in prison or were martyred due to the mistreatment of prison officials to their families.

Out of the 4,900 prisoners, 31 are women, and 160 are children and adolescents under the age of 18. More than a thousand other prisoners are in administrative detention, six of whom are under 18 years old.

In November 2022, the Palestinian Prisoners Club announced in a report that since 2002, Israeli military forces have arrested more than 750 Palestinian children.

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