Iran Raps US’ Provocative Comments on Tehran’s Military Activities

Iran Raps US’ Provocative Comments on Tehran’s Military Activities

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani denounced the US secretary of state’s provocative remarks about Tehran’s military activities as an attempt to market American arms through Iranophobia and creating division among the regional countries.

In a statement on Sunday, Kanaani lashed out at US Secretary of State Antony Blinken for his comments about Washington’s plans to disrupt Iran’s military activities and impose new sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

In a press release on April 20, Blinken said the US is “firmly committed to disrupting Iran’s military procurement activities,” adding that Washington was designating entities from Iran and China for what he called involvement in destabilizing behavior.

Dismissing the US state secretary’s “provocative comments” about Iran’s military program, Kanaani said such remarks have been made with the sole purpose of marketing the American arms by fomenting “the failed project of Iranophobia” and “creating division among the regional countries”.

“Contrary to the ill-advised remarks by the US regime’s secretary of state, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always emphasized on regional dialogue, collaboration and cooperation in order to ensure the security and common interests of the regional countries without foreign interference,” the spokesman noted, adding that the “positive and progressive developments” in the region reflect such Iranian policy.

“Iran’s military program has solely defensive and deterrent aspects and is not against any country that would not consider aggression against Iran,” he underlined.

He noted that the US’ ill-advised and wrong measures for decades have been the root cause of insecurity, instability and wars in the region.

Kanaani finally advised the US government to stop the “erroneous, interfering and irresponsible stances on the issues of the regional countries and let the process of strengthening stability and calm take its course with cooperation and engagement of the regional countries.”

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