KANS to Honor Young Researchers of Islamic World in 3rd Scientific Competition

KANS to Honor Young Researchers of Islamic World in 3rd Scientific Competition

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Six young researchers from the Islamic world will be honored during the 2023 KANS (Knowledge Application and Notion for Society) Scientific Competition closing ceremony, the head of the 3rd KANS Scientific Competition, Saeid Sohrabpour, said.

Speaking at the press conference of the 2023 KANS Scientific Competition for researchers and scientists under 45 years of age, Sohrabpour elaborated on the details of this round of the competition.

He first pointed to the different activities of the Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF), which includes the Mustafa (PBUH) Prize, STEP (Science and Technology Exchange Program), KANS, and Noor.

"Most of the Muslim scientists have great effective collaborations with those in Western countries. The Mustafa (PBUH) Science and Technology Foundation aims to foster collaborations among the scientists inside the Islamic countries," Sohrabpour explained.

In this round of the KANS scientific competition, a new section is added, titled "The Future Scientist," devoted to researchers under the age of 30. Sohrabpour pointed out, "One individual is selected to receive the award for this section." The winner of "The Future Scientist" section in this round of KANS is from Azerbaijan. "The participants had to send 3-5 minute videos. The judges were university professors from around the country," he noted.

According to Sohrabpour, among the received works, 20 works from 12 countries reached the final stage. In the final stage, 6 winners were selected.

"The final judgment of these works was carried out online in April 2023 with the virtual presence of the participants," he added. "The usefulness of the participants' ideas is of great importance in this competition," he emphasized.

The 3rd KANS Scientific Competition ceremony will be held on May 9-12 concurrently with International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX) 2023 in Pardis Technology Park. Gholam Hossein Halvaei, Head of scientific and technological cooperation development at the MSTF, gave a speech during the press conference, pointing to other details about the event.

He briefly talked about the selection process, stating that 3 rounds of judgment were held. "We had 100 judges during the process," he said. "In the second round of KANS competition," he pointed out, "we started to contact different organizations. These organizations present some challenges and problems. The KANS winners are linked to them so that their ideas may solve those challenges in real-life. In the 3rd round of KANS scientific competition, we received 78 challenges from 16 pavilions," he said.

During the press conference, Halvaei revealed the geographical diversity of the six winners of the competition in various categories. The winner in the "food and agriculture industries" category hailed from Qatar, while "electricity, electronics and robotics" and "health and medical equipment" categories were won by candidates from Iran. The "information and communication technology and artificial intelligence" and "mining and mining industries" categories were won by contestants from Malaysia. Halvaei also mentioned that the winners will present their works on the final day of the KANS Scientific Competition ceremony, which will take place from morning to afternoon.

The awarding ceremony of the 3rd round of KANS Scientific Competition will be held on the sidelines of the International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2023) from May 9 to 12 at Tehran's Pardis Technology Park.

KANS scientific competition is held biannually for researchers and scientists under 45 years of age.

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