‘Chabahar’ Is Indian Ocean’s New Gateway towards EAEU, West Asian Region

‘Chabahar’ Is Indian Ocean’s New Gateway towards EAEU, West Asian Region

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s Chabahar port is the new gateway of the Indian Ocean towards the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)’s member states and West Asia, Director General of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for West Asia Seyed Rasoul Mousavi said.

The 6th Indian Ocean Conference entitled “Peace, Prosperity & Partnership for a Resilient Future” was held at Dhaka, Bangladesh on May 12 with the participation of representatives of some countries including the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The strategic significance of Chabahar Port was emphasized at this prestigious conference as a new gateway of the Indian Ocean towards the countries in the Eurasian Economic Union and West Asia.

Mousavi took part in this Conference on behalf of the Iranian government.

Addressing the Conference, he pointed to the fact that the security of energy has always been raised in the Indian Ocean, and added that regional and international powers have attached great importance to maritime routes in the Indian Ocean.

“We can claim that new developments will create new conditions in the Indian Ocean and security of energy will take new shape in this region as well,” Mousavi continued.

While enumerating the developments in Atlantic and Eurasian regions, new projects and commercial routes that have been formed in the world, he pointed out that these changes will cause formation of a new geopolitics at strategic straits of the Indian Ocean.

In the meantime, Chabahar oceanic port on southern Iranian coasts with its strategic location will be a new gateway for the Indian Ocean towards Eurasia and West Asia, he underlined.

The Indian Ocean Conference is an advisory assembly, specific of Indian Ocean countries, which first kicked off in 2016 to investigate the outlooks of the regional cooperation for security and growth for all countries based in the Pacific Ocean region.

More than 150 individuals from 25 countries participated in the 6th Indian Ocean Conference, which was held at the initiative taken by the Indian Foundation with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government of Bangladesh with a focus on Peace, Prosperity & Partnership for a Resilient Future.

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