Canada School Teacher Takes on Muslim Students for Skipping Pride Activities

Canada School Teacher Takes on Muslim Students for Skipping Pride Activities

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - A disturbing audio recording is circulating on social media, capturing a female teacher at Londonderry School yelling at her Muslim students and criticizing them for opting out of "pride activities" that conflict with their beliefs.

In the recording, the teacher can be heard berating Muslim students, expressing anger over their reported absence from the school's LGBTQ-themed activities during Pride Month. The teacher's outburst included remarks suggesting that the students did not belong in Canada.

The audio recording captured the teacher explaining that some of her Muslim students had chosen to be away from school during the "pride activities," presumably due to religious objections. She compared their absence to the respect shown by other students during Ramadan, emphasizing the need for mutual respect and exchange.

Her anger escalated as she raised her voice and made statements about same-sex marriage, indicating that those who disagreed with its legal protection did not belong in Canada.

The teacher continues by telling the minors that homosexuals are “executed” in Uganda, and says: “If you believe that kind of thing, then you don’t belong here because that is not what Canada believes.”

One student named Mansour was singled out by the teacher during the incident. The recording ended with what appeared to be another adult addressing the teacher's behavior, to which she apologized, citing her anger.

The authenticity of the audio recording has been confirmed by Edmonton Public School's Communications Consultant. The district acknowledged the situation in a statement, expressing their commitment to recognizing diversity, promoting inclusion, acceptance, and kindness in schools.

The audio was initially shared on Twitter by a Muslim individual named Hamzah. He criticized the teacher for using rhetoric resembling the "go back where you came from" narrative and for misrepresenting the recently passed Ugandan law. Hamzah's supportive statement was directed at the student who had been singled out in the classroom.

He also pointed out the teacher’s mischaracterization of the Ugandan law. He explains that the law “only proposes capital punishment for aggravated crimes…,” but argues that the teacher had clear “contempt” for Africa and Africans.

Following the circulation of the audio, the Canadian Muslim community strongly condemned the teacher's statements. One woman expressed her willingness to forgo Ramadan activities in public schools to allow Muslim children to adhere to their beliefs. Another individual highlighted how public celebrations of Eid parties or Ramadan Iftars are perceived as being thrown back at Muslims, indicating a preference for not being accepted by liberals rather than being forced to accept their view on morality.

Hamzah, the original uploader of the audio, directed Muslims to a public statement called "Navigating Differences: Clarifying Sexual and Gender Ethics in Islam." The statement emphasizes the disregard for parental consent and the prevention of conscientious objection in the increasing promotion of LGBTQ-centric values among children.

It argues for the protection of religious freedom and peaceful coexistence without requiring agreement, acceptance, affirmation, promotion, or celebration of differing beliefs.

At least 300 Muslims have signed the document as of the time of writing, that was reported by the Publica.

Muslim families have been challenging the institutionalization of "LGBT" subjects in the public domain, objecting to mandatory participation based on their religious beliefs. Similar protests have taken place in the United Kingdom in 2019, where Muslim parents and students rallied against a school program that included lessons on homosexuality and same-sex relationships, resulting in the suspension of the curriculum at the school.

Fox News reported that the protest outside the school “where virtually every child has Muslim parents, reportedly suspended the curriculum in response to the outrage and protests. About 600 children were withdrawn from the school in a single day as a result of the program.”


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