Man Who Desecrated Quran in Sweden Hired by Mossad: Iran Intelligence Ministry

Man Who Desecrated Quran in Sweden Hired by Mossad: Iran Intelligence Ministry

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An Iraqi-born man who recently desecrated the Holy Quran in Sweden had been hired by the Zionist regime’s Mossad spy agency, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry said.

The Ministry said in a statement on Monday that Salwan Momika was born in Iraq in 1986 and was hired by Mossad in 2019.

Stressing that Momika was “notorious” in his home country, the statement said his notoriety and criminal record, however, was “accepted and welcomed by the Zionists” at the time.

After being recruited by the Israeli spy agency, the Iraqi man “played a major role in spying on the resistance movement and advancing the project of Iraq's disintegration,” the Intelligence Ministry said.

As a reward for his betrayal of Iraq and the Islamic community, the 37-year-old was granted residency in Sweden with the assistance of the Zionists, it added.

The statement said Momika continued his “mercenary work for the usurping regime” during his stay in Sweden and was involved in various missions conducive to his new condition, Press TV reported.

“One such mission was that in recent weeks, following the Zionist regime's plan to suppress the legitimate resistance of the people in the areas occupied in 1967 and the West Bank of the Jordan River, … this traitorous agent implemented a dark and blasphemous project,” the statement added, referring to the burning of the holy Muslim book.

Iran's Intelligence Ministry underlined that the desecration of the Holy Quran by Momika was part of the Israeli project to detract public attention away from the regime’s atrocities in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin and the Palestinian resistance at that time.

“The evil show of the desecration of the holy Muslim book was organized and executed precisely with the aim of creating… media propaganda and marginalizing the news of the heinous and widespread crimes of the Zionist regime in the West Bank, especially the oppressed Jenin,” the statement said.

“This is common practice among the Zionists, who, along with every killing and destruction project, implement another criminal project in order to divert attention from the previous one,” it added.

On June 28, the Iraqi immigrant stomped on the Quran before setting several pages alight in front of Stockholm's largest mosque. The insult to the Muslim holy book was made under the authorization and protection of the Swedish police.

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