Iranian Court Fines US $330 Million for Role in 1980 Coup Plot

Iranian Court Fines US $330 Million for Role in 1980 Coup Plot

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An Iranian court ruled that the US government should pay $330 million in compensation for the physical and mental damages it had caused during a coup known as Nojeh, a failed attempt to overthrow the newly-established Islamic Republic in July 1980.

The families of the Iranians martyred in the coup attempt and the people who had fallen victim to or been harmed during the plot lodged a complaint against the United States government and seven other defendants at the 55th branch of the Justice Administration of Tehran for International Affairs.

The court has ruled that the US government must pay a total of $330 million in compensation for plotting and launching the attempted coup.

The fine, including $30 million in compensation for the financial and mental damages to the plaintiffs and $300 million in punitive compensation, must be paid to the families of people martyred in the coup attempt.

The failed Nojeh coup d’etat, also known as Operation Neqab, was a plot masterminded by the US to overthrow the newly established Islamic Republic of Iran and its government in July 1980.

With the exposure of Operation Neqab, hundreds of people involved in the plot such as pilots and army commanders were arrested.

Just months after the execution of those found guilty, particularly the military figures involved in Nojeh coup, and the cleansing of the army by the Islamic Republic, Iraq launched an eight-year war on Iran.

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