Iranian Intelligence Forces Thwart Israeli Sabotage Plot against Defense Industry

Iranian Intelligence Forces Thwart Israeli Sabotage Plot against Defense Industry

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s intelligence forces successfully foiled a complex Israeli sabotage plot targeting the nation’s defense industry.

The Defense Ministry's Intelligence Organization thwarted what is being described as the "biggest" sabotage attempt against the missile and aerospace sector, as reported by national television on Thursday.

According to the report, the plot was orchestrated by the Israeli regime's spy services and its global allies with the intention of undermining Iran's defense capabilities.

An official from the Defense Ministry's Intelligence Organization noted that Iran's missile power serves as a crucial deterrent against potential threats, making its missile industry a prime target for espionage efforts by hostile entities.

The source explained that in recent years, a series of intelligence and security initiatives were developed and executed under the guise of procuring components, deceiving the spy services of adversaries.

Iranian intelligence forces successfully dismantled a professional network responsible for plotting to introduce "faulty and equipped parts" into the production of advanced missiles within the Defense Ministry.

"The network, acting under direct orders from Mossad, sought to sell these equipped parts with the aim of transforming the produced missiles into explosive devices, posing a threat to both industrial facilities and the employees working in this sector," the source stated.

“Despite the complexity of the Zionist enemy's plan, it was closely monitored and ultimately foiled with the arrest of its operatives,” the source continued, adding that the successful execution of this project allowed the intelligence agencies “to identify all Mossad's routes and activities related to acquiring and transferring components, including their foreign officers and domestic agents.”

Until recently, the Zionist enemy believed their plan of industrial sabotage and transferring defective parts to the Ministry of Defense's missile industry had succeeded.

The source emphasized that the Israeli regime has been left frustrated by the significant setback it experienced with the exposure and dismantling of its sabotage network operating in Iran.

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