Iran Seeks Joint Action with Saudi Arabia to Tackle Sand Storms

Iran Seeks Joint Action with Saudi Arabia to Tackle Sand Storms

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Iran is pursuing collaborative efforts with Saudi Arabia to address the issue of sand and dust storms originating from Saudi Arabia's Empty Quarter desert, as stated by the head of the Iranian Department of Environment, Ali Salajegheh.

Salajegheh revealed that the Empty Quarter, situated in the south of Saudi Arabia, is responsible for approximately one-third of the sand and dust storms that enter Iran through its southwestern borders, affecting vast regions of the country during dry seasons.

He conveyed during an interview with the ILNA news agency, "Based on recent bilateral discussions, it has been agreed to undertake joint initiatives to combat the sources of sand and dust in this desert."

These developments come shortly after Iran and Saudi Arabia officially reopened their respective embassies, marking the end of seven years without diplomatic relations. The embassy reopenings were part of an agreement reached in March between the two nations in China.

Salajegheh emphasized that this reconciliation between Iran and Saudi Arabia will facilitate close and direct collaboration on critical environmental matters, including the issue of sand and dust storms.

He noted that a Saudi Arabian delegation is scheduled to participate in the International Conference on Combating Sand and Dust Storms in Tehran on September 9-10. The conference will host representatives from approximately 50 countries and 15 international organizations, operating under the auspices of the United Nations.

Salajegheh explained that if a final agreement is reached between Iran and Saudi Arabia, experts from both nations will jointly work to combat sand and dust storms originating from the Empty Quarter desert.

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