Suicide Drones Hit Naval Targets in Iran’s Army Drill

Suicide Drones Hit Naval Targets in Iran’s Army Drill

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian Army’s ‘Arash’ suicide drones detonated the ground and naval targets in a large-scale exercise.

The drone drill, participated by troops from the four units of the Army, kicked off on Tuesday morning with around 200 various unmanned aircraft in attendance.

The spokesperson for the exercise said on Wednesday that the Arash suicide drones have successfully destroyed various targets on the ground and in the sea.

General Alireza Sheikh said a broad range of suicide and combat drones have been armed with bombs and missiles to carry out missions over the war game zones.

He also noted that the ‘Omid’ (Hope) anti-radar drone has managed to detonate ground radars with the use of artificial intelligence.

The distinguishing feature of the exercise is the employment of smart bombs and precision strikes, the spokesman added.

Iran has made great progress in the drone industry in recent years.

In August, the spokesperson for the Defense Ministry said a number of European countries have asked to purchase Iran’s unmanned aerial vehicles.

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