Palestinian Resistance Ready for All Scenarios: Islamic Jihad

Palestinian Resistance Ready for All Scenarios: Islamic Jihad

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Highlighting the Israeli regime’s confusion and failure in the wake of the Al-Aqsa Storm operation conducted by the Palestinian fighters in Gaza, the spokesman for the Islamic Jihad movement said the Palestinian resistance forces are fully prepared for any possible scenarios.

In an exclusive article for Tasnim, Tariq Salmi said the Palestinian resistance has begun to carry out its historical responsibility deep inside the occupied territories by gaining control of the Zionist settlements and capturing a large number of Israeli troops with the purpose of swapping them with the Palestinian people imprisoned by the Zionist regime.

The spokesman added that the Israeli enemy has been thrown into confusion and passiveness after the weakness and fragility of its intelligence and military organizations became clear in the Al-Aqsa Storm operation.

“Following the Palestinian resistance’s victory, the Zionists are trying to commit more killings in order to halt this major victory and conquest. However, we in the Palestinian resistance are prepared to respond to all possible scenarios. We will undoubtedly give a harsh and relentless response to the Zionist enemy’s killings and stupidities,” he stated.

“The Zionist occupation will have no solution and conclusion other than an ultimate end to the occupation of the holy territories of Palestine,” Salmi noted.

Reports say at least 350 Israelis have been killed and over 1,600 injured as a result of the surprise Palestinian offensive that was launched on Saturday. The operation combined fighters crossing the fence into Israeli-occupied cities with a heavy barrage of rockets from the besieged Gaza Strip.

The Zionist regime has launched brutal aerial attacks on the residential areas of Gaza, killing at least 320 Palestinians and injuring 1,800 others.

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