Israeli Forces Accused of Using White Phosphorus in Gaza's North (+Video)

Israeli Forces Accused of Using White Phosphorus in Gaza's North (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Reports suggest that Israeli forces have employed white phosphorus, a substance internationally banned, in densely populated areas in the northern Gaza Strip, as stated by Palestinian media.

Reports from Gaza's el-Yarmouk neighborhood suggested that the destruction of a fourth mosque in an overnight Israeli airstrike prompted thousands more residents to flee their homes.

The Monday report indicated that the number of people seeking refuge at a UN facility for internally-displaced individuals has already reached 100,000. Dozens of homes were completely destroyed and are uninhabitable, as reported by Al Jazeera.

Furthermore, residents in the area have reported the presence of a strong odor of white phosphorus, a substance prohibited by international humanitarian law, which had been previously used by the Israeli forces in Gaza.

Also, Al-Jazeera’s correspondent Youmna el Sayed said she personally experienced itching in her throat, chest, and eyes as soon as she entered the area.

The number of people killed by Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip has gone up to 493, health officials say. More than 2,750 were also injured.




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