Hezbollah Issues Statement on Destroying Israeli Tank in Occupied Palestine (+Video)

Hezbollah Issues Statement on Destroying Israeli Tank in Occupied Palestine (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah issued a statement regarding missile attacks originating from southern Lebanon targeting positions of the Zionist regime military in occupied Palestine.

The statement comes after Hezbollah reported the targeting of two military sites of the occupation regime on Monday night.

In the statement issued on Tuesday afternoon, Hezbollah confirmed that its fighters successfully targeted an Israeli armored vehicle of the "Zelda" type located in the "Al-Sadah" position west of the " Salha" village. This was achieved using two guided missiles, resulting in the complete destruction of the vehicle.




The Hezbollah statement said this attack was a response to the Zionist regime's violations observed by the resistance. Lebanese media reported Monday afternoon that 12 rockets were fired from southern Lebanon towards positions held by the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine. Some of these rockets struck the Zionist settlement of "Avivim."

On Monday night, following a statement regarding the martyrdom of three of its fighters due to the Zionist regime's violations in southern Lebanon, Hezbollah announced a retaliatory attack on the military positions of the occupation regime as an initial response to the aggression.

According to reports from media affiliated with the resistance, Hezbollah targeted the "Branit" garrison, which serves as the central headquarters of the Al-Jalil Unit of the Israeli regime's army. Additionally, they targeted the "Avivim" base, the central headquarters of the Western Unit of this regime's army, using guided missiles.

Hezbollah had previously issued warnings about the aggressors crossing the red lines of the resistance. The missile attack on the two aforementioned military bases of the Israeli regime represents the initial response to the provocative and audacious actions of the Zionists, it said.

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