Global Protests Erupt Against Israeli Onslaught in Gaza

Global Protests Erupt Against Israeli Onslaught in Gaza

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - A groundswell of international protests against the ongoing Israeli airstrikes in Gaza have erupted, with protesters demanding an immediate end to violence in Gaza and denouncing US military assistance to Israel.

In Washington, DC, near the US Capitol, at least 300 individuals have been arrested, with more arrests expected, as tensions ran high during the protests.

Amid the uproar, President Joe Biden, fresh from a visit to the war-torn region, prepares to address the nation and request billions of dollars in military assistance for Israel. Worldwide, these protests signal widespread concern and opposition to the ongoing conflict and its humanitarian impact.

In San Francisco, members of a Bay Area Jewish group took a stand by chaining themselves to the gates outside the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building, while war protesters bearing "Free Palestine" posters descended on downtown San Francisco, expressing their opposition to US military aid to Israel.

The protest grew, eventually filling an entire city block, and led to vandalism of the federal building and the nearby US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit building.

The demonstration erupted just hours before President Joe Biden delivered a national address from the Oval Office. In his speech, President Biden prepared to request billions of dollars in military assistance for Israel in its ongoing conflict against Gaza. President Biden had visited the war-torn region the day before.

Across the globe, hundreds of individuals rallied in support of the Palestinian cause. Many held signs reading "Jews against genocide" and "End siege of Gaza," while chained protesters chanted for their cause.

In Pakistan, there have been consecutive rallies denouncing Israeli actions in Palestine. Political leaders, human rights activists, and religious scholars have gathered to condemn the bloodshed in the besieged Gaza Strip.

At the United Nations, all 22 Arab Ambassadors holding seats met at the Palestinian embassy to express their solidarity with the besieged Palestinians. They issued a call for Israel and the US to end the longstanding atrocities and war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

In Paris, activists defied a nationwide ban on demonstrations in support of Palestine, braving tear gas, police violence, arrests, and fines. They protested against what they saw as an infringement on freedom of expression.

In Santiago, Chile, dozens of protesters gathered outside the Israeli embassy to show support for Palestinians in Gaza. Demonstrators waved Palestinian flags while denouncing Israel's actions as "genocide" in its ongoing attacks on the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

In Tehran, Iran a large gathering of citizens convened on Thursday afternoon in a powerful show of solidarity to condemn the heinous and heartbreaking crimes committed by the Zionist regime.

Meanwhile, both Germany and France, which have significant Jewish and Muslim populations, banned protests in support of Palestinians. The governments claim these measures aim to prevent public disorder and combat antisemitism. Supporters of Palestinians feel restricted in expressing their views without facing potential consequences, including arrest or job-related issues.

The global movement reflects widespread concern and opposition to the ongoing conflict and its humanitarian toll.

These protests come as Israel intensifies its airstrikes in the besieged strip, which have been ongoing since October 7.

The Israeli attack on Gaza has resulted in over 3,500 casualties, and a humanitarian crisis persists due to a blockade limiting essential supplies.

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