US Definitely Complicit in Israeli Crimes against Gaza: Ayatollah Khamenei

US Definitely Complicit in Israeli Crimes against Gaza: Ayatollah Khamenei

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei held the US accountable for aiding and abetting the Zionist regime in the atrocities against Gaza, saying the US is managing the crimes and has the blood of Palestinian children and women on its hands.

Ayatollah Khamenei made the remarks in a meeting with the organizers of the National Congress of the Martyrs of Lorestan Province, held in Tehran on Wednesday.

The leader lashed out at the presidents of the “West’s evil governments” for continuously travelling to the occupied territories for fear that the Zionist regime is falling apart.

Ayatollah Khamenei underlined that "the wounded and crippled occupying regime is taking revenge on the people of Gaza because of the blows it received from the Palestinian fighters. But without any doubt and despite all the support of the world's evil powers and the definite complicity of the US in the crimes of the Zionists, this oppression and these crimes will ultimately lead nowhere. Victory belongs to the Palestinian nation both in this matter and in the future."

The Leader further pointed to the oppression of the people of Gaza with their patience and authority in the face of the continuous crimes of the Zionist regime.

Ayatollah Khamenei said the current events in Gaza are events that will shape the future. He noted that the unfaltering people of Gaza are powerful while being oppressed at the same time.

"The brutal and bloodthirsty enemy has no limits for the crime and killing of children, men, women, the old or the young. The people of Gaza are oppressed in the true sense of the word,” the Leader said, reported.

While honoring the patience and the trust that the oppressed people of Gaza have in God, the Leader pointed to some examples of their patience and steadfastness.

"A father who praises God while his son has been martyred, parents who offer their martyred child to Palestine, an injured teenager who reads verses of the Quran and scenes such as these exemplify one corner of the deep patience and trust possessed by the people of Gaza."

Ayatollah Khamenei also outlined the importance of the patience that has been practiced by the people of Gaza. He noted that this is indicative of the enemy’s defeat in their attempt to bring the Palestinians to their knees. "The patience they exercise and their trust in God are the things that will ultimately save the people of Gaza and lead them to victory."

The Leader once again described the blow inflicted on the usurping regime by Palestinian fighters on October 7 as decisive and unprecedented. "With the passage of time, the irreparable nature of that blow is becoming more apparent," he said.

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out that the US president and the heads of other evil, oppressive countries such as England, France, and Germany have been making successive trips to occupied Palestine in an attempt to prevent the destruction of the usurping regime.

"The evil (powers) in the world can see that the Zionist regime is falling apart and destruction due to the very strong, decisive blow of the Palestinian fighters. Thus, by making these trips, by expressing solidarity with them (the Zionist regime) and providing them with criminal tools such as bombs and other weaponry, they are struggling to keep the wounded, crippled regime on its feet."

Referring to the failure of the Zionist regime’s efforts to overpower the Palestinian fighters, Ayatollah Khamenei said, "The fighters have maintained their spirit, motivation, strength and readiness for action. God willing, they will continue to do the same. The usurping regime is taking revenge on the defenseless people of Gaza due to its inability to confront them (the Palestinian fighters)."

The Leader added that whoever speaks of Gaza must also speak about the patience and power of its people, otherwise they will be doing them injustice."

On another important note, Ayatollah Khamenei described the US as "a definite accomplice of the Zionist criminals."

"The US’s hand is drenched and stained up to its elbow with the blood of children, women, and other martyrs in Gaza. The US is in fact managing these crimes," he emphasized.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution considered the jolting of the global public conscience in the US, Europe, Islamic countries and other regions in the world as a reaction to the extent and depth of the Zionist regime’s recurrent crimes.

"The claimants of freedom and human rights in Europe have banned demonstrations in favor of the Palestinians. But people have ignored these bans and taken to the streets to vent their anger, rage, and distress. No one will be able to stop the reactions that nations express in the face of the brutalities of the Zionists," he concluded.

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