Instability, Insecurity, Bloody Conflicts Outcome of Balfour Declaration: Tehran Conference

Instability, Insecurity, Bloody Conflicts Outcome of Balfour Declaration: Tehran Conference

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Participants in a conference held in Tehran on Saturday underlined that Balfour Declaration led to nothing but instability, insecurity and bloody conflicts in West Asia.

Entitled “The Balfour Declaration and the Role of Britain in the Creation of the Zionist Regime,” the conference was held at the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Institute for Political and International Studies on the 106th anniversary of issuing the infamous Balfour Declaration.

In the meeting, participants pointed to November 2, 1917, on which then British Foreign Secretary Balfour issued a letter addressed to Rothschild and supported the establishment of a national home for Jews in Palestine and they stressed that this declaration for which the way had been paved many years before, marked the first official step toward creating the fake Zionist regime in Palestine in order to respond to the demands of global Zionism.

The fake Zionist regime was installed three decades later in 1948 on Nakbah Day based on this declaration in the heart of the Islamic territories and caused a crisis that continues to date even after more than 75 years since that date.

At the conference, based on documentation and historiography, participants stated that the Balfour Declaration was the beginning of the gradual migration of Zionists from various parts of the world and the displacement of the Palestinian people who have been in this holy land for thousands of years.

The implementation of this declaration has led to nothing but instability, insecurity and bloody conflicts, and consequently, increasing tensions in the strategic region of West Asia, they said.

On the other hand, the continuation of British and US support for the occupying Zionist regime based on the sinister goals of this declaration has not been able to end the Palestinian cause and stabilize the Zionist regime, they noted.

However, as a result of the actions of the Zionists, including land grabs, annexation and settlement expansions, the situation of Palestine is more complicated and the future of the region faces more serious challenges, the participants pointed out, according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s website.

The recent events in Gaza also show that the Balfour Declaration and the crimes against Palestine have failed to give identity to this fake regime, and the Palestinian people continue to support the Palestinian cause by continuing to fight with all possible means and methods, they said.


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