Pro-Monarchy Ring Disbanded South of Iran

Pro-Monarchy Ring Disbanded South of Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian intelligence forces arrested the members of a team of monarchists involved in armed terrorist activities in the southern province of Kerman.

The provincial head of the Justice Ministry’s office in Kerman said the pro-monarchy terrorists have been arrested by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Intelligence Organization.

The team members received orders from pro-monarchy terrorist ringleaders and were involved in armed activities, he added, noting that the arrestees had plans to assassinate a provincial security force.

The arrestees were in contact with hostile elements and media outlets outside the country and took a series of measures during the past year to upset security, such as attacks on various locations, acts of vandalism, setting city banners ablaze, distribution of anti-Revolution tracts, and sending media contents to foreign satellite networks.

In September, the Iranian intelligence forces thwarted a plot to carry out a string of terrorist bombing attacks in Tehran, arresting dozens of elements linked with the Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) terrorist group.

The Intelligence Ministry said the bombing attacks had been planned with the purpose of undermining Iran’s security, displaying a false image of instability in Iran, fomenting disappointment and terror in the society, and provoking chaos and protests exactly on the anniversary of last year’s riots.

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