Gaza's Hospitals Teeter on Brink of Complete Collapse

Gaza's Hospitals Teeter on Brink of Complete Collapse

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – As the Israeli offensive on Gaza enters its 38th day, the enclave’s hospitals face an increasingly perilous situation due to non-stop Israeli attacks and critical fuel shortages that have left patients, including premature babies, and thousands of displaced people, in dire strait.

The Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza has been forced to shut down as its main generator ran out of fuel, leaving patients and over 5,000 displaced individuals in a perilous situation, according to Ahmed al-Kahlout, the hospital's head.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, he revealed that despite fears of Israeli bombardment, those seeking shelter at the hospital are unable to evacuate southward due to safety concerns.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society reported that Al-Quds Hospital, the second-largest in Gaza, has also ceased operations due to a fuel shortage amid ongoing Israeli bombardment. Contrary to reports, Hamas denies rejecting 300 liters of fuel from Israel intended for medical use at the besieged Al-Shifa Hospital.

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell emphasized the urgent need for "pauses" to enable the evacuation of hospital patients in Gaza requiring immediate medical care. Meanwhile, Israeli snipers are accused of firing at anyone near Al-Shifa Hospital, trapping thousands inside without electricity, water, or food.

The World Health Organization (WHO) managed to restore communication with health professionals at Al-Shifa Hospital, but the WHO chief announced that the hospital is no longer functioning as intended.

In a grim turn of events, UN reports state that three nurses have been killed at Al-Shifa Hospital, and 12 patients, including two premature babies, have died since a power outage on November 11.

Dr. Alice Rothchild from Jewish Voice for Peace highlighted the dire conditions, stating that without fuel, essential hospital functions, including generators and ambulances, cannot operate. Exhausted and traumatized hospital staff are falling ill, contributing to the spread of contagious diseases.

As Gaza's hospitals strain under the growing number of patients and a severe lack of medical and fuel supplies, more deaths and injuries were reported after an Israeli strike near Khan Younis.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has been unable to update figures on deaths and injuries for two consecutive days as communication and services collapsed in besieged hospitals.

The UN reports a death toll of 11,078 Palestinians killed in Gaza as of November 10 at 2 pm (12:00 GMT).

On average, Israeli attacks have claimed 320 lives every day in Gaza since October 7, exacerbating an already dire humanitarian crisis.

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