Fear Mounts As Israeli Forces Approach Indonesian Hospital in Gaza

Fear Mounts As Israeli Forces Approach Indonesian Hospital in Gaza

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Israeli military actions in Gaza intensified as tanks encircled the Indonesian Hospital, resulting in a dire situation that has alarmed medical staff and raised urgent appeals for help from international organizations.

The escalating violence led to at least eight fatalities in the Palestinian hospital complex due to direct Israeli strikes. Sources within the hospital reported extensive damage, including the main operation room being rendered unusable for surgeries.

Staff members at one of northern Gaza's largest hospitals urgently pleaded for assistance from the UN and the Red Cross following the aggressive siege by Israeli forces. The bombardment led to casualties within the hospital staff, with two doctors reported injured amid repeated strikes.

The hospital, targeted overnight without warning, faced severe disruptions as Israeli tank shells also hit the nearby Kuwaiti school, housing numerous displaced families seeking shelter.

Amidst the chaos, concerns emerged that Israeli forces might replicate the actions taken at al-Shifa Hospital, heightening fears of an occupation of the Indonesian Hospital.

The hospital's operations were severely impacted as the power was cut off due to the generator being struck, compelling medical personnel to conduct procedures using mobile phone lights amidst ongoing attacks.

Reports indicated that Israeli artillery fire inflicted significant damage to the hospital's second floor. The facility, already treating approximately 150 wounded patients and housing about 100 medical workers, also provided refuge to thousands of displaced Palestinians affected by the Israeli bombardments.

Dr. Sarbini Abdul Murad, head of the Indonesian charity Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C), strongly urged Israel to withdraw its troops surrounding the hospital, emphasizing the critical need to safeguard medical facilities from becoming “war zones”.

Speaking from Jakarta, Dr. Sarbini condemned the attacks as inhumane and urged Israel to ensure the hospital's safety for citizens seeking medical aid.

MER-C's medical volunteers stationed at the hospital, Fikri Rofiul Haq, Reza Aldilla Kurniawan, and Farid Zanjabil Al Ayubi, have been unreachable for nine days due to severed communications across Gaza, Dr. Sarbini reported.

In a show of solidarity, MER-C organized a nationwide prayer vigil in Indonesia among medical workers on Friday, advocating for a ceasefire and condemning the ongoing violence in Gaza, referring to it as a "genocide."

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