Iran Urges Concerted Pressures on Israel to End Gaza War

Iran Urges Concerted Pressures on Israel to End Gaza War

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The president of Iran, in letters to 50 heads of state, called for collective economic and diplomatic pressures on the Zionist regime to force it to end the massacre of people in Gaza and lift the siege of the enclave.

As the Zionist regime has been pounding Gaza relentlessly for over six weeks, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Monday sent separate letters to 50 heads of state, including the leaders of Russia, China, Turkey, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Kenya and Jordan, calling for concerted and coordinated pressures from the “independent and free” nations to stop the Israeli crimes against Gaza.

In the letters, the Iranian president denounced the Zionist regime’s savage move to kill over 14,000 people in Gaza and destroy its infrastructures after October 7, abhorring the double standards adopted by a number of Western governments that have intentionally ignored the principles of humanity, morality and law.

“The freedom-seeking and independent countries, particularly the Islamic nations, are expected to adopt unified and collective stances in the diplomatic and economic arenas, put pressure on the occupying (Israeli) regime, and pave the way for an end to this regime’s crimes in the massacre of civilians and to the siege of Gaza,” the president added.

All governments are currently facing a divine test, Raisi noted, asking all countries to play a more active role in halting the Israeli crimes by employing all existing leverages to pressure Israel, such as suspending cooperation as well as political and trade ties with the Zionist regime.

In remarks on Sunday, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei called on Islamic governments to cut off their political relationship with the Zionist regime at least for a limited period of time. He also urged nations to continue with their protests and rallies so that the oppression of the Palestinian people will not be forgotten.

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